Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Losing it?

Embrace yourself

As humans, it's natural that we're attracted to beautiful things, to beautiful people and we wish to see all things beautiful! But to think of it? Who defines beauty? What has happened is, that over the years we've had pre-concieved notions of 'beauty' and we probably do not wish to broaden our horizons. And while that's still okay, what's troublesome is the fact that most people today, relate beauty with weight, which somehow does amuse me.

'Weight-loss' : that's one term that probably seems to attract every woman. Two women are talking about weight-issues and then I'll notice that the rest ten of us have joined in the conversation. Sometimes, it does get irritating. Especially, when, for once, you wish that you had a conversation that doesn't have to anything to do with 'weight'. While it is important to remain healthy, eat healthy, in order to have a good life, it's also important to not get all obsessed with it. I've seen women who wish to lose weight just so that some man would like them, which still amuses me, because why in the first place would you want to be with a man who refuses to be with you just because you're a little overweight?

First and foremost, here's a question I have for every girl, woman. Why do you wish to lose fat? Why do you wish to get in shape? It could be for your own self. It could be to just feel more confident and good about your self, or just to be healthy! I'm amazed when girls say that they wish to lose weight so that a guy would like them. My only query? Why do you want to do something to show to the world or just so that people like you? Unless you're in the business of glamour. And then, begins all the madness and crash diets. Girls go on to absolutely starving themselves in order to just prove something to the world? Why?

All right. Here's my story! I've always been on the healthier side. I've never really had men falling for me. I've always been someone who under-estimates her own self. But I've never tried to prove something to the world. Or just be a part of the 'cool' gang despite studying in a top-notch south Bombay college with all the quintessential sobo girls around. Because, that wasn't a priority. Yes, I've always wished that it would be nice if I could just shed few kilos. But what I knew, for sure, was that I wouldn't go on the crazy 'khakhra-salad' diet, because I'm not going to be on 'khakhra-salad' all my life. I love food, and I'm someone who relishes even a simple khichdi or dal chawal. And after a long tiring day of work, if you can't even relish your simple ghar ka dal-chawal without feeling guilty, then why am I working so hard? Then, what's the point of all the 'ghaddha-mazdoori' that life has to offer?

I wanted to may be work on myself, but not to prove anything to the world, even though I've had people around me who've always had something to comment on everything I did. But that doesn't matter no? As long you know what you think of your own self. First and foremost, it's important to just embrace yourself. One you just embrace yourself, with all your flaws, you feel good. First love yourself the way you are, only then, people would love you the way you are. And then, probably, just work on how you can be better.

Losing weight shouldn't just be about sticking to a diet and regime for few months. I think, it's about lifestyle changes. Changes that you can incorporate in your life, not just for a short duration, but perhaps, forever.
For instance, having green tea. As cliched as it sounds, green tea does work. Even if it does not, it's just a very healthy option. And no you don't have to stop having your normal coffee or tea, but probably, you could just cut down on it right?

Eat what you feel like, but just understand what's healthy for your body and what would give you ample nutrients. You could probably relish that pizza once in a while, and you should, but then just include salads and fruits in your everyday meals. Just having a carrot or cucumber everyday, would cause no harm to you right? Eating every few hours, is important. The most important thing is not to starve yourself because if you do, then your body produces hormones that makes you fat, is what I've been told by my yoga instructor. Replacing rice in one meal, by 'daliya' is a great option, because trust me when I say this, daliya khichdi made with oodles of vegetables is as tasty as say your 'tawa pulao', and extremely healthy. Though, try avoid 'daliya' in the night since it takes time to digest.

Have Pav Bhaji, but instead of Pav, you could try whole wheat bread or bread made up of 'nachni/ragi' which is extremely healthy. Of course, it would be nice if there's no butter in the bhaji. Just add a little bit of walking to your routine, or few minutes of yoga if there's no time to go to the gym. Even just skipping everyday at home, and a few simple exercises and streching, if done few days a week, might work wonders. And honestly, it's just a stereotypical notion that healthy food is not tasty. It is very tasty. A simple dosa, without butter and lots of vegetables is tasty. A 'moong-daal' chilla with capsicum, onion, carrots, chillies, eaten with whole-wheat bread, made in hardly any oil is tasty, and healthy. A simple sukha bhel, with less 'sev' or 'no sev' at all, is chatpata, teekha and healthy. There's also boiled chana and boiled moong with salt, pepper, chilli powder and nimboo added, which is a healthy snack option. So whoever said that healthy is not tasty! And no, you don't really have to compromise on your normal 'roti-sabzi-dal-chawal' meal. It's important to have a balanced diet. Just a little approach needs to be changed. There are several options. Just choose the right one. And once in a while, obviously, sinful indulgences are fun! 

So, these are just the little changes that I've made. And I don't know if I agree, but people have been telling me that I seem to have lost some weight. While I may not be wanting to prove anything to the world, but compliments are always nice right? I think it's just important to not stress yourself about this whole weight-loss tamasha. Just relax, work slowly, and be happy. What matters is, do what makes you happy. Obviously, that doesn't mean you go on gorging on cupcakes and donuts everyday! 
All said and done, it's just not nice to see women literally getting obsessed with losing weight. Just embrace yourself you know. Love yourself. Work towards being better. And I'm sure, you'll be there! :D 

On that note, let's sip on this green tea. Cheers :)

Lots of love, 



  1. Loved it A! :)

    I go through this debate and dilemma every single day! Sticking to green tea and eating right when I can. I love food, I too cant live on khakra-salad!

  2. Thank you Stu! So glad you liked it and could relate to it :)

  3. Some gr8 writing..I just read..howEver..I dnt relate to this "weight issue"..nymore..but was much more in it
    Cheers !!