Thursday, May 23, 2013

Shraddha Kapoor

“There are a lot of things in life that are mediocre; love shouldn’t be one of them”

By Ankita R Kanabar

(This interview has been published in the April 27, 2013 issue of Super Cinema)

Shraddha Kapoor loves meeting and observing various kinds of people. Hence, she observes me too. Then, we just strike a conversation, and get talking about everything else, forgetting about the interview, while the self-confessed foodie relishes her sandwich. But, we eventually get down to ‘Aashiqui 2’. While this is Shraddha’s third film, post ‘Teen Patti’, and ‘Luv Ka The End’, you can call it her quintessential debut, as it’s only with this film that she got that ‘heroine wali’ feeling. Interestingly, while she loves looking all glamorous on-screen, off-screen she’s simple, and too lazy to dress up. In fact, she doesn’t like wearing make-up, if she’s not shooting. Her appearance, along with her persona, will make you want to call her ‘bubbly’, but just so you know, she hates the term. She’s petite and delicate, but loves all kinds of adventures, and is an advanced scuba diver. For now though, all her love is bestowed on ‘Aashiqui 2’. So, she talks about the film and other things, in a candid chat:

While 'Aashiqui 2' has just released, the music and the promos of the film has got some great response. How did that feel? 
I’m very happy. It’s madness! And what a feeling that is. It’s an amazing feeling. When ‘Tum Hi Ho’ was released online, it became a rage and it’s my first ever song that has become such a huge hit. It’s really good that people have loved the promos and the songs. I’ve been getting a lot of feedback; people are talking about our chemistry and have been saying that the film is looking interesting. I was really small when I saw ‘Aashiqui’, and yet, it made a huge impact on me since it was such a sweet story and the music was so soulful. Hence, I’m so glad people are finding the music of ‘Aashiqui 2’ soulful too.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call this your quintessential debut film, would it be?
Yes, you’re right! This is my quintessential debut film. I finally got that ‘heroine wali’ feeling in this film. And people are also telling me that you’re looking like a proper heroine. This film was more of that. I was waiting for a good script after ‘Luv Ka The End’ and then this film happened. I felt it was perfect for me.

And how has the whole journey on this film been?
It’s been a very emotionally enriching experience, because it’s been a film that was emotionally driven. Mohit was very close to the film so he made sure we understood that, and we were at that same level that he was. He’s very connected to this film. For us to understand that level of madness and love, to understand that degree of love was difficult but he directed us in a way that we understood it. And only because of him, we were able to translate that on-screen, because ‘Aashiqui 2’ is filled with love and a lot of love. There are so many things I’ve realised about myself during this film. It’s such an intense story because Mohit directed us in a way that he took us deep into those emotions. I could really feel each emotion that I had to portray.

Over the years of growing up, you’ve seen your father be a part of films. Is that what drove you towards being an actor?
I used to go on my dad’s sets and I used to find the whole atmosphere, and the whole process very interesting and intriguing. Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to be an actor. I don’t even remember when did I start thinking about it. So, even as a child, I used to drape my mother’s saree, or wear my dad’s jacket, stand in front of the mirror and dance, or do something. And then, automatically, I started doing things in life which were propelling me towards acting, for instance I used to take part in annual day functions, do theatre, or dance on stage, in school. So, all these things further propelled me towards acting. And when I saw actresses in Hindi films, I always wanted to be portrayed like that. ‘Aashiqui 2’ is that kind of a film which does portray me the way I always wanted. But you know when I see these posters of the film, I feel it’s not me, I feel it’s someone else only. I’m not all ‘actressy actressy’! 

And why would you say that?
I’m very simple. Being a girl, it takes a lot of time to get ready, and do your hair and make-up. I don’t mind doing that for my film, but sometimes, I really get lazy to dress up and look pretty and all that. Off-screen I don’t like wearing much make-up. But then, I also enjoy wearing all the nice clothes and look pretty on-screen. On-screen it’s fun, because it’s something I’ve grown up thinking about.

So, ‘Aashiqui 2’ is all about love and romance. What’s your take on love, for real?
I’m a romantic at heart. My idea of love is the fairy tale kind of love. And I think love should only be mad. It should not be mediocre. It should be crazy, and ‘pagalpan se bhara hua’, or else it shouldn’t be there. There are a lot of things in life that are mediocre; love shouldn’t be one of them.

You were quite young when you shot for ‘Teen Patti’. From there to now…so far so good?
‘Teen Patti’ didn’t do well and then ‘Luv Ka The End’ happened. But I had a great time working on ‘Teen Patti’ because I was working with such legendary actors. Who gets the opportunity to do that with their first film? But it was really upsetting that ‘Teen Patti’ didn’t do well. I was quite heartbroken, because obviously, I was so young when it happened. So, I really took it to heart. Then, my family told me to brush it off. They were like, ‘It’s just the beginning. Come on! It’s just your first film.’ And then when I got to do ‘Luv Ka The End’, I thought it was a perfect script for me. I felt, I fit into it like a glove. What an experience that was! And now I’m doing a film like ‘Aashiqui 2’. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a romantic film, ever since I was a child. So, my journey has been amazing so far. Of course, it does hurt when your film doesn’t do well. But from here on too, I want to do all kinds of roles, and experience the entire spectrum of emotions. I want to be a part of films that are challenging, interesting and stimulating!

You’re an actor, an actor’s daughter, young and beautiful. What else? 
I’m an advanced scuba-diver. I love scuba diving. I’m someone who loves animals and wants to have a farm of her own, but can’t have a farm of her own because her parents won’t allow her. I love doing adventurous things. I love travelling, reading and I’m a massive food lover. But whether I like it or not, I have to go to the gym. I love working out, but sometimes I’m like, ‘Why did I eat so much!? Now I’ll have to work out.’ But what I love the most is meeting people. I love meeting different types of people and observing them. That’s quite an interesting thing to do. 

You must be taking advice from your family….
Yes, my parents advice me all the time. Even when I don’t want them to advice, they advice me (laughs). The thing is because they’ve seen so much in life, they’ve done so much, and because they’re who they are, I would obviously want to take advice from them. Who wouldn’t? They always give me feedback for my work. If they don’t like something, they tell me. My dad criticises me, he will always tell me the truth. My mother is still lenient with me. But that’s how all mothers are. They will never say anything bad about their children. But my dad totally scolds me when he has to.

At this point of time, when you’re relatively new, what matters more? Good stories or good banners?
It depends. The story is of prime importance, and then everything else follows. It’s great to have a good banner to work with, because generally the good banners are the ones that pick interesting stories. But also a good director matters. And lately, we’ve been having such talented new directors.

What next post ‘Aashiqui 2’?
I’m doing ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’, but apart from that, nothing that I’ve signed for now. 


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