Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ten reasons to watch Grey’s Anatomy

By Ankita R. Kanabar 

Drama, thrill, adrenaline, philosophy, emotions, and lots of romance – Shonda Rhimes’ Grey’s Anatomy is brimming with all these ingredients. Little wonder then, that in the last 2-3 years, I’m thoroughly addicted to the show and how! Or wait, calling it just a ‘show’ would be an understatement. Grey’s Anatomy is love, it’s entertainment, it’s like a friend, and a bonding factor between some friends and me. So, here’s a list of reasons why I’d suggest you should watch Grey’s Anatomy (that is, if you still aren’t hooked to it), and if you are, then well, you can consider these reasons to love it even more :) 

1.       Mcdreamy 
Patrick Dempsey, Patrick Dempsey, Patrick Dempsey! Ladies, this man could be a reason enough for you to watch Grey’s Anatomy. And no, Dempsey doesn’t just lure you with his perfect hair, or dreamy eyes, or heart-melting smile, but his character, that of Dr. Shepard, is appealing in a way that you wish men like him existed for real…or doctors like him existed for real. Not to forget, seeing a man like him romance, is not something you’d ever want to miss!

2.       Mcsteamy
If Mcdreamy wasn’t enough, there enters Mcsteamy. Mark Sloan, is well, Mark Sloan. I better not reveal more. See it to know what I mean. And no, it doesn’t end just at Mcdreamy and Mcsteamy, all the characters are sketched so well, that you want to know each of them, their story, their struggle, and how awesome each one is, in their own may. Right from Meredith Grey, to Cristina Yang to Callie Torres, you’d love them all, eventually!

3.     To be a little less scared of hospitals
 Hospitals aren’t really a good place to be, and the thought of visiting a hospital, isn’t good at all. But you get so used to seeing a hospital with Grey’s Anatomy (not that hospitals for real are this good), that you are now a little less scared of a hospital

4.       You’ll learn medical terms
You’ll start knowing words like ‘aneurysm’, ‘whipple’ and ‘craniotomy’ which you would not otherwise hear, unless you’re a medical student.

5.       Emotional outburst
Okay, we may all pretend to be strong and all that, but let’s admit, all of us need to sometimes cry it out. We need to have an emotional outburst, and be able to vent it all out in the form of tears. Grey’s Anatomy makes you feel emotions, it brings tears, and exposes you to the various situations life may have to offer. So hey, let your emotions out to feel lighter may be?

6.       You are forever alone
Let’s be honest, not all of us will have someone all the time. No harm in admitting, we seem like we are forever alone. It’s okay to not have weekend plans, get comfortable on the couch and watch Grey’s Anatomy. And trust me, once you get hooked to it, you would want to watch it all day and still not get bored. Plus, it’s okay if there’s no romance in your life, watching Mcdreamy romance is a delight anyway!

7.       It’s not always about black and white, we need a spoonful of grey  
Sometimes, there’s no black and there’s no white. It’s okay to not be right sometimes. And more often than not, there’s no right or wrong. There’s a middle path. There’s grey. All the characters in the show, may not be perfect (unlike the righteous characters, like Aanandi we have on Indian soaps), but nevertheless, you don’t think they’re bad. People aren’t bad, just because they aren’t perfect. It’s good to discover that.

8.       It warms your heart
There’s no over-the-top melodrama, and dialogues like, ‘I can’t live without you,’ but simple things like, ‘you are my person’, make so much sense. Be it the friendship, or the love, or even emotions like anger, it’s all displayed in a manner that warms your heart, and is seamlessly real.

9.       We all need some pep talk
 Life isn’t perfect, but it’s important that we understand it our own way, because it is all about the perception. Meredith Grey’s voiceover, or some bits of a conversation between two characters, just seems so real, it totally fits into some situation of your life, and it helps you get a new perspective. And hey, don’t we all love some philosophical pep talk sometimes?

10.   There’s something for everyone
There are so many characters, and so much that each character goes through. Plus, there’s just so much fit into one, so gracefully, that even if you may not like the entire show, you will at least end up liking something. Either the surgical part, or the serious part, or the romantic sensual part, or the philosophical part. There’s something for everyone. So, there’s no harming in giving this one a try, you know!


  1. So right you are! :)

    Grey's Anatomy makes you feel good about yourself. It makes you realise that it's okay to be little crazy. And sometimes it's even okay to feel like giving up everything and run away. What's important is to fight that feeling and coming out of it.