Thursday, October 30, 2014

A forever single girl and the men she meets...

How often do we find ourselves turning pages of life, going back to events of the past, laughing at our own stupidity? Not to forget, we ask ourselves, “What was I thinking?” But the point is, we grow with time. Our experiences, whether good or bad, are God’s way of teaching us something, and they eventually make us better people. So hey, why don’t we sometimes learn to take things with a pinch of salt? Because, if we learn to laugh at our own self, life might just be a little simpler.

We meet many people, the problem though, is that based on our experience of them, we generalise. But, you know what? I don’t believe in generalising. I think I like categorising. A young single girl, might be meeting a lot of men in her day-to-day life. The possibility is that she might not have found the right guy, or she’s being choosy, or she is happy single, or it could simply be that nobody has ever liked her. The reason may differ from person to person. Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to know the various kinds of men she meets. So, let’s categorise men may be?

Disclaimer: The characters included in this post are fictitious. Or maybe not! Find out for yourself *wink*

The charmer:

He uses flowery words, and makes everything sound so beautiful that you cannot help but fall for him. He is chivalrous, well-spoken, intelligent, and he might make you skip a heart-beat. But that’s because he likes to impress people. Whether or not, he wants to be with you, this person would want to charm you anyway. In fact, no, not just you, he might want to work his charm on every other girl. May be it's the thrill, or a boost to his ego, or well, possibility could be that he genuinely likes you. But, you cannot be sure if he will feel the same for you after a few days. I know ladies, it’s hard to resist such a charming man, but try not to fall for him? Or you could give it away a little and enjoy the attention, without really dreaming of marrying this boy someday!

The Best Friend:

The two of you are so close, that your families also think that there’s love brewing. But here comes the twist. You are his buddy. He doesn’t see you that way. He likes someone else. The two of you, might be comfortable talking about anything under the sun, but here's the thing! You’re like his ‘guy friend’, and will remain so, eventually. The possibility is that you’ve already fallen for him, but hard luck! You’ll get over it. Nevertheless, maintain your dignity and take a step back. Be his best friend, and be happy for him (Yes, that only sounds easy. Happens after a lot of crying and efforts, but you’ll get there.)

The unattainable:

He has it all. He is kind, gentle, loving, good looking, well-spoken, sweet, chivalrous, smart and all that you want in a man. Except that he is unattainable - already in a relationship or married, or just out of your reach anyway. It’s okay my dear! That happens to all of us. Just perceive him as eye candy or someone who'll always hold a special place in your heart for years to come, even though it means, your heart flutters every time you see him, and you almost faint each time he utters a word. (Yes, I’m melodramatic). Oh yes, just do a happy dance now, if he even knows you exist.

The baby:

He loves attention, and will do anything for it, just like a baby does. He wants you to pamper him, which is fine but not all the time right? He has an issue every day, and thinks you are his shrink. He will want you to make him feel better with words, and gestures all the time. And that’s all right. But, he might want you only when he is not feeling fine, otherwise you'll be a nobody for him. If you like someone, you’d do anything for them, but trust me, it gets exhausting to convince someone that all will be fine, every day. It’s exhausting to make someone feel positive when the person only sees negative in everything. He is a baby. And babies can get selfish and unreasonable sometimes.

The Bol Bachchan:

The adage, ‘Actions speak louder than words’ exists for a reason. This guy’s words will make you feel like you’re the most amazing girl he knows. But his actions will not reflect any of this. Nevertheless, he will continue his Bol Bachchan. So, take the hint. Don’t expect his words to transfer to actions anytime soon. Or maybe he just needs some more time before he actually means what he is saying.

The larger-than-life guy: 

The Mcdreamy and Mcsteamy of the television and film world, raise the expectations and how! You are single, probably because you are happy looking at Derek Shepard and Mark Sloan in Grey’s Anatomy as you sip on green tea, when you go to bed every night. Or wait, may be you have been madly in love with this man (who co-incidentally happens to be an actor) for the past 14 years. This is that unconditional wala love. So yes, you could be happy with just that. But hey, you could look around as well, you know?

The eye-candy:

He looks so cute, you cannot take your eyes off him. But then you strike a conversation with him, and this guy breaks the bubble for you. He’s no longer attractive, now that he has opened his mouth. Moreover, he isn’t attractive because, ‘he typs lyk dis’. But, he is lovely at heart! So continue just looking at him, smiling and exchanging a casual hi and hello.

The Anti-Chivalrous:

May be chivalry is too much to expect in a man these days, so we do not even have high standards, but then, this anti-chivalrous guy will walk ahead fast, while you may be walking a little slow in your heels. And hey, neither do we expect the man to pay while on a coffee date, we can always dutch you know? But this guy will not touch his wallet until you’ve paid for him already, in the first meet itself. Ironically, he keeps talking about how much he loves luxurious things, and uses only an iPhone. Let go alone what he talks about, during the meet.


The come-back guy:

He treated you badly when you liked him, the feelings weren’t reciprocated, and now he has come back, at his own convenience, telling you he is truly in love with you. That’s not it! He is sure you still have feelings for him, just because you are still single. How difficult is it to understand that moving on in life doesn’t mean you have to be with someone? You respect him, but not necessarily you have to make a come-back just because he did?

The narcissist: 

It’s always about him, how he feels, what he wants, how he is looking and what he has achieved in life. But he won’t let go off even one opportunity to make you feel bad about yourself.  And soon, just after his purpose is fulfilled, he may move on and not speak to you. Trust me you should be glad to be single, than be with someone like that? 

We keep saying, ‘small world!’ Ironically, this small world has a lot of people. Despite the fact that you may have met a lot of men and had heart-breaks, one shouldn’t stop believing in love, nor should one stop believing in the fact that good people, and good men definitely exist. So, we keep hoping, that someday, we might actually meet someone, who will not be perfect but you’ll love him anyway, because he’ll love you. And that’s all what matters right?

PS – Not every guy might belong to these categories, and that’s precisely why, categorising, and not generalising. There could be many more categories, which we might discover at some point :) 


  1. I think I have seen all of them.. Could relate to it totally :D well observed and written.. Love the drama!

  2. Hehehe thank you so much! Appreciate you reading it, and glad you could relate :D

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  4. Awesome! Just perfect :) (I have met almost all types listed here except the McSteamy I guess :P

  5. Hahaha Mcsteamy even I haven't met :P But it's okay. Met the unattainable though;)