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Aditi Rao Hydari

‘I don’t think about love-making scenes, I just go with the flow’ 

By Ankita R Kanabar

(This interview was published in November 10, 2012 issue of Super Cinema)

Amidst all the new faces that one sees in the Hindi Film Industry, there are just a few who totally grab your attention, and remain in your head for a very long time. Now, Aditi Rao Hydari, is, certainly one such pretty face who you can’t help but notice. She’s unique from the super glamourous, dazzling divas we see on-screen. Not that she’s less glamourous, but seemingly, she’s something else you know, ‘thoda hatke’. She’s sexy, sensuous and extremely glamourous too, but in her own natural way. Little wonder then, that just four films old Aditi has managed to make some space for herself already, in the industry and the minds of the audience. And yes, mind it, she wasn’t even the main lead in ‘Delhi 6’, or ‘Rockstar’ while ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’ had her as the parallel lead. I’m sure, you wouldn’t deny that it certainly is commendable on the actor’s part to make her debut in Hindi films, not as a lead, and in a film that starred established actors like Abhishek Bachchan, and veterans like Waheeda Rehman and Rishi Kapoor.
While we caught up with Aditi on the sets of her next film, ‘Murder 3’, she seemed pretty relaxed, and shared her thoughts on various things. Dressed in a pair of comfortable shorts and a t-shirt, she looked far more pretty sans make-up than she does on-screen. Yes, it’s totally justified that men are drooling over this lovely lady. Her eyes express all that is there in her heart, and that she says, is a “big give away”. She’s bold, yet, the innocence in her eyes is hard to miss. A rare combination that is. So, here we have, Aditi Rao Hydari talking about her little journey so far, and a lot more in candid little chat.

What made you choose ‘Delhi 6’ for your debut vehicle, with a role that wasn’t really the lead? Though, it’s commendable on your part to do so...
You know, initially, I was told that my role in the film would be like Jaya Bachchan ji’s role in ‘Sholay’, so that really excited me. Plus the kind of actors that were there in the film, was another good factor. But when I went on the sets, I was slightly disappointed with the way, my role was shaping up. Yet, I didn’t lose my faith. I believe, whatever little you do, must be done with due conviction. What matters the most is, that you have to be honest to your work and give in your best. Also, I would never forget the kind of love I got from every person on the sets of ‘Delhi 6’. Even people like Waheeda ji and Rishi ji, they were so encouraging and supportive. Everyone’s showered me with so much love. So, I don’t regret doing the film at all.

Now you are being offered to play the main lead, but weren’t you afraid of being stereotyped, post ‘Delhi 6’?
I think if you really wish for something, and work towards it accordingly, sooner or later, things will work for you. So, that time, I always had it in mind that I want to be a heroine, and not get categorised as a character artist. And for that, I’m actually grateful to people who didn’t give me work that time, because if I’d done a lot of similar roles like what I did in ‘Delhi 6’, I’d have got typecast for sure. For that matter, I’d always be so thankful to Goldie Behl and Shrishti Arya for thinking that I could be cast in ‘London Paris New York’ and having that confidence in me.

So, ‘London Paris New York’ has been the game changer?
Oh yes! Post ‘London Paris New York’, I’ve started getting a variety of offers which are more heroine-like roles, some main leads, and some second leads, which I think is a big thing for me. Also, I think ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’ worked for me too, as it was a parallel lead, and people appreciated me in the role since there was this natural sensuousness to my character. But like I said, I would be grateful to Shrishti and Goldie for offering me ‘LPNY’. Even today, when I sign something big or interesting, they’re the first people I would call and inform. But, they told me, they signed me after seeing me in an Airtel ad, which had gotten very popular. So, I’m actually thankful to the casting director who signed me for that Airtel ad. But I’m glad that I’ve now made that shift to being a heroine, because that’s what I’ve been wanting to do forever. Like I’m a trained bharatnatyam dancer, I can sing too. And what’s the point of being in Hindi movies if I can’t sing, dance and wear nice clothes? Of course, all that comes after being able to act well (smiles).

You’ve portrayed bold characters on-screen and have had no qualms about doing an intimate scene. How is it that you’re still seen as a girl-next-door?
Well, that’s a wonderful observation from your end. Yes, I’m so glad I’ve not been stereotyped as bold or someone who only does kissing scenes on-screen. But that’s the whole point you see, to portray something which is natural. Tell me something, would a girl have any qualms about kissing her boyfriend or husband? No right? It’s a natural thing which people in love do. And that was the whole idea even when we were shooting for ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’. Sudhir Mishra didn’t portray me as this sex symbol wearing skimpy clothes. My character was of a normal woman, who makes love with her husband. I think Sudhir Mishra also cast me for the film, because he wanted someone who looked sweet and vulnerable, and yet has that natural sensuousness.

But how comfortable are you in pulling off something like a love-making scene?
You know what I do is, I don’t think about it. That’s the best thing. If I know I have to do a particular kissing scene or love-making scene, after like two months, I will not think about it and waste my two months. I decide to go with the flow, and take it as any other scene. In any case, I have to do it, so might as well I look at my co-star with ‘pyaar bhari nazar’, and think like my character at that point, just go ahead and do it. So, the point is, not to think about it, and go with the flow (laughs). Moreover, I think I need to trust a director completely. I make sure, that I’ve built trust in him before signing the film, and then there’s no looking back. I take time to trust people, anybody, and once I trust you, I give in completely. So, once I have that trust in my director’s conviction, there’s no looking back. I consider this as a part of my job, and do it with utmost honesty.

What’s Aditi’s take on love, in real life?
I belong to this old world. I’m not a dater. I believe in falling in love, and be with one person, stay committed. More importantly, I’m very clear. Like if someone is a friend, he will remain a friend, nothing else happens then. So, there’s this clear distinction I have between a friend and someone I love.

Tell us about ‘Murder 3’?
I can’t really divulge much, but as you know about the ‘Murder’ franchise, it’s a thriller. And it’s totally wonderful working with the Bhatts, and I’ve so thankful to them for even thinking that I could suit a part like this, since it’s a kind of role, I’ve never done before.

What kind of films do you wish to do in future, or the kind of directors you want to work with?
I’m not someone who believes in doing films from a particular genre. I would do any film, of any genre, that I think would engage the audience, has a good script and a good director. That’s it. And yes, I’m dying to work with Vishal Bhardwaj.

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