Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy birthday AB!

Knowing him more...  

A set full of hustle-bustle, suddenly turns silent, as he enters donning a black shirt, black trousers, and sunglasses. Some people make an impact when they look at you, some people make an impact when they talk, but for me, his walk was enough. That walk says a lot about him. It makes a statement. Of course, he takes his appeal to another level when he speaks, but that's a different story all together. So, here I was completely stunned and in awe as he walked on to the set. That was my first encounter with Abhishek Bachchan. This was on June 4, 2006, at Filmcity where he was shooting for a Motorola commercial. 

In my first year of college, I was no less than a kid. The fact that I was recovering from mumps made me feel even more miserable as I met him. I sat there, observing him, and observing the shoot, until finally I got to interact with him. He spent 45 minutes with a college kid, who was a nobody actually. 45 minutes reading something that I'd made for him. Just as he leaves you completely intimidated as he walks in, it's so endearing to see the warm-hearted man that he is, when you speak to Abhishek. Yes, he is an actor. Yes, he is a star. But it's never really about him when you speak to him. He is not obliged to ask you if you're doing good. He doesn't have to, but he still shows concern, all the time. While I had mumps, and looked completely horrible, he went on to say, "No no you're looking beautiful!" That must have been his biggest lie, ever, but it made me smile. That's what he always does. Making people smile, and I'm sure most people who meet him, and speak to him would completely echo that sentiment. He treats his fans, as his family, similar to how even Amitjee treats his fans. But it's heart-warming to see him interact with them. Staying in touch with his fans through twitter, remembering most of them, wishing them happy birthday, and just making them smile.....It's truly awesome what he does! Most definitely, he's a favourite among so many people from the industry, and of course, the media. That's hard not to notice. All of that, just because of the extremely loving person that he is. 

For me, more than a wonderful actor, he's a wonderful human. The fun side of him as seen in films like 'Bunty  Aur Babli', or 'Dostana', is an extension to his off-screen persona unlike his serious roles, or angry-young man avatar in films like the 'Dhoom' series or 'Sarkar' or 'Guru'. He greets you with a warm hug every time you meet him and shall make sure to ask you about your well-being. Just the way he conducts himself with people, inspires you. Inspires you to be humble and grounded. Inspires you to treat everyone with respect. And inspires you to always stay positive. He's a child at heart; as pure as a child could be. Yet, a thorough gentleman. There's so much one could learn from him. He keeps saying, "When the bad doesn't stop being bad, why should the good stop being good?" and that gives away so much about the person that he is. Completely at ease in his skin and someone who's so secure in his shoes despite being in an industry where there's immense competition. 

Evidently, the path hasn't been all smooth for AB! But his perseverance and devotion has paid off, and it will continue to do so. I'm yet to come across someone who deals with criticism the way he does. And now when he's sweeping away all the awards with his comic act in 'Bol Bachchan', and everyone's talking about him after his entry into the 'so-called' 100-crore club, I'm amazed. Because, somehow, it's not really surprising for me. He had to be here. High time he gets the kind of accolades that he truly deserves, for the hard work that he puts in. And after all, good things must happen to good people right?

I don't need a special occasion for wishing good for him. Because that, I always do. Still, here's wishing one of the most wonderful human beings I know, a very very happy birthday! And on this day, I'd really like to thank AB for always being so amazing, for making so many of us smile, for inspiring me, and for all the memorable moments I've had with him. Just be the person that you've always been. 

Lots of love, 


  1. its something which you have personally felt...its something u feel coz u stay in touch with him !! We need to see what people also think about him...he may be a good man..a great human..but is that just a potrayal of sorts to save the already lost fan base or the true reality of that person remains to be seen..none the less wishing him a happy birthday !

  2. Well, I don't blame you for thinking so because you don't really know him. And since it's my blog, and not some publication, I express my personal views here. For me, expressing what I feel for him here is may be like expressing what I feel for a dear friend here. So, that's your opinion. I respect it, but don't agree. And I'm not forcing my opinion on you either :)

  3. He is. He is. There's another picture of him and me, that literally shocks people. So much height difference :P

  4. I have heard great things about him from Juhu. My cousin knew him personally and even now after all these years he recognizes and greets him the same way..