Monday, August 8, 2011

The Famous 'F' word! 'Friend'

Go back in time! Visualise the famous "Yeh dosti" song featuring Jai and Veeru. All those movies that you've grown up on, or your parents have grown up on. Friendship amidst other relationships has always been used as a backdrop. Woh Dosti jiski log misaal diya karte hain...Woh dost jiske liye jaan bhi haazir hai. Waah waah! Cut to present. Reality seems different. Nowhere similar to what movies show. Nowhere near what it used to be.

Is bhaagti hui zindagi mein..hum bahut si baatein bhool jaate hain..bahut se logon ko bhool jaate hain. Today the meaning of the term 'friend' seems to have changed. People who you 'hangout' with, are called 'friends' specially with the teenagers today. People who you have 'fun' with are called 'friends'. People who you drink, go for a smoke with are 'friends'. Not just blaming one person, but everybody, may be all of us have become a very integral part of the mean world. You are good to someone, friends with someone, only till you need that someone. Where now does that 'gehri dosti' exist?

And then...comes a time when amidst all the fun that you're having, all the people around you, you still feel lonely. Think about it. That probably is because..all this while you've been searching for 'people' to hang out with and not searching for a friend to share your thoughts with. I have particularly never had a group. I've always had individual friends with whom I've loved to spend some quality time over coffee, over good food where we've laughed together, cried together. Shared similar thoughts, argued over things due to difference of opinions. Created memories. Unforgettable memories. Though somehow, I find myself just giving too much in any relationship, be it friendship even. Hence end up being taken for granted. I've had people who I've called friends, who've actually not deserved that 'tag'. 

The point I'm trying to make is, 'Get the difference. Get the difference between a 'friend' and an 'acquaintance'. Also the term 'best friend' is highly over-rated. Quality friends matter much more than the number of friends you have. Pick those quality friends and value them. Valuing people who care for you is so important. Value people who love you and you really don't need one special day to make them feel special. Make friends. Just the quest to find and make 'friends' don't forget your 'parents'. No body could be better friends than them. :-) 

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  1. Hey Chotu, Lovely Again you are Fabulous :)

  2. Am speechless. I would have probably written the same thing, if this topic came to my mind first. :P
    i would have probably added, that there's not just 'friends' and 'acquaintances'. There are different levels of friends.. and YOU set the priority of each one of them. So set the priority well. Don't know how much of this really made sense though. I mean samjha what I tried to say?

  3. @somil Thank you :)

    @mohitshroff :):) I understand what ur trying to say!

  4. Hey, nice blog, and lovely writing Ankita. I read all of the posts, and all are indeed special in their own way.
    Keep smiling and blogging always :)

  5. Thank you sooo much Ilashree! Thats very sweet of you! U too keep smiling :)

  6. And I hate getting nostalgic. I could relate with you on everything you said right there. Loved the post. 'Friends' something that doesn't or hardly exists in my life anymore. (:

  7. Nicely put !! Friends are like people you meet on a train journey. They get board / de-board at different stations.

  8. Hi , i was just tweeted u aweyiiee , but reading your this blog i really like to say that you are going gr8. nice post great return.

    best of luck i will visit again and hope to read more.

  9. @Miss K True! Very true!
    @krossword Well said
    @vaibhav :)