Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The way i see it-Marine Drive

Maddening crowd, traffic, glamour, dreams. The mention of these words and you know that it is 'Mumbai' that one is talking about. Just as the adage goes, "Mumbai-the city of dreams" where people come with so many dreams, aspirations. Most people here, remember their dreams, desires...Just that amidst all this, they forget themselves. Something called as 'peace' loses its meaning and importance.

Mumbai's description without mentioning Marine Drive is incomplete. Marine Drive is yet another significant thing to Mumbai, though I wouldn't find it appropriate to call it a 'thing'. During a conversation with a friend, we realised that Mumbai has everything,one would want, one would desire.But what it lacks is probably a place where one could go and cry. Just cry. Amidst all the hustle-bustle, expectations that the city and the people of the city have from you, where do you find your 'lost self'. For me, the answer could be Marine drive. Well, if it's not 'the place' you could make it 'the place'. For me, its the place where i could connect to 'me'. More importantly its the place that inspires me. Inspires me to stay healthy, because walking there is a pleasure. Inspires me to be myself. I gaze at the sea, and realise the fact that it never changes. It does what it has in its nature, does what it is meant to do. It does have its mood-swings like we all do. But its basic nature remains the same, always. When the sea remains 'itself' then why cant we? All of us want to 'be somebody' in this big city, but the point is, " What else could you probably be if you cant be yourself?"

Marine Drive makes music sound beautiful. Makes you fall in love. Perhaps what I did detested about it was the excessive public display of affection that happens. But now I do realise that it is one of the charms of marine drive. High time that people stop taking Marine drive for granted and consider it as a boon. Climatically i would just say, " Take a walk at marine drive, sit there, gaze at the sea, find that inner peace, find yourself, and you shall come back with a huge grin :-)"

P.S - Earlier I had noticed that there's not a single dustbin on the whole of marine drive. Lately, I see a few. But we need many more of them :)

Much love,



  1. Marine Drive, there is definitely that special feeling, but you go to any beach in Mumbai (actually most of them) and just lie down there .. all alone. I visit the Rock Beach that is nearby my place, just sit on a rock there and let the waves almost touch me. It's amazing. :)
    Btw, I was to write a similar post on Mumbai in general though, hopefully soon. :)

  2. Marine drive is something which as you rightly said cannot be missed on the map of mumbai...the actual name of Marine Drive is Netaji Subhash Road....also called the queens necklace which one can possibly make out when they drive and reach the point at Walkeshwar....

    Marine drive is definitely a place where you could just walk on the promenade with breeze and the waves of the sea being you companions...

    I love Mumbai...i love the dreams i have had here...i love the people here...i love marine drive...

  3. @mohitshroff :):) Yes! Shall like to read that!


  4. @Ykie Very true! And very well said by you! :) Its a very integral part of Mumbai! Also hope u liked the way, i've written it ? :) Feedback is welcomed! Good, bad, both!

  5. Hey Chotu, it was nice to read your blogpost. I can pretty much identify with what you have written here. :)

    I am a MD-fan too! That's 'the place' even for me. Btw, check out this pic I had clicked at MD

    Keep writing! :)

  6. Never been to aamchi mumbai!! but will be visiting mumbai dis december..and surely visit marine drive :) ..U have good and interesting sense of writing ..keep writing ur blogs!! Will surely learn frm ur blogs

  7. Mindblowing!!! U really have a gud sense of writing & you are too gud at words... They way u have put it into word I really felt rejuvenated & felt the importance of MD in Mumbai

  8. Amazin are a gud writer and i guess this is my first comment..
    Most of my story related to mumbai is lyk that of aayesha in wake up sid.. five years back when i stepped here..i never knew this city will become my muse someday..
    marine drive is one of my & mumbai's most special places (i srsly nvr noticed abt the dustbins..instead f the fact i hv seen the place always clean!) & though i live in lokhandwala..i never miss this place when i am in town..its more of lyk a thot spot, my first romance spot in mumbai as well :p ..made my first friend & attended the first wedding in mumbai at the same place! infact first official meet as well (Tcs, air india).
    I am soo happy to read a post on it..
    Thank you..

  9. I really enjoyed reading your blog post. Almost all places to visit in Mumbai seem to carry their own brand of unique charm. Some other tourist attractions in Mumbai includes Taraporewala Aquarium, Siddhivinayak Temple, Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Kala Ghoda and Colaba Market.