Tuesday, August 23, 2011


"Get a reality check" is something we keep telling ourselves, or others every now and then. Because, reality my friend could be totally different from how you or me perceive it to be. A big difference between how we perceive things..and how things are for real. Hence it does get important to be practical even as one perceives things. And in this practical 'real' world...do dreams have a place?

Well for me, the answer is 'yes' though i wouldn't like to use the term 'dream'. I would use the term 'fantasy'. Just as you very much are a part of the real world, its important to make some place for fantasies. When one uses the term 'fantasy', people tend to think of it from just one single perspective. But for me fantasising is all about imagination. Imagining a particular situation few years down the line, imagining your career the way you want it to be, your dreams, your aspirations, et all that. But, let's not just call this 'day-dreaming' all right? 

The key is to not hold high expectations for your fantasy to turn into reality because you obviously don't wish to get shattered when your dream doesn't come true. But, fantasising does make you happy. Makes you smile. Gives you hopes. Moreover, it motivates you to work hard towards what you wish to have. I'm dreaming. But, I'm dreaming, keeping in mind the actual reality. And, that is making me smile. That is, giving me something to look forward to. How will you work towards something when you don't even dream of it? You definitely are not losing anything by fantasizing, it only is giving you something to be happy about. And if your fantasy does turn into reality, it's a cherry on the cake :D Fantasising does take you away from the real world for time being. To be precise, it's a much needed break from reality, like a vacation. And I'm sure, this break is what all of us wish for! 

So why not jump into the 'Fantasy-Land' every now and then, and you never know...your fantasy might just turn true...it has happened to me..shall happen to you too :):)

PS- On that note, here's some 'chocolate Fantasy' for you :D

Much love,

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