Monday, August 1, 2011

A new beginning

We're already into the month of August...and the time seems to have flown by. Today though does seem like a very regular monday with people as usual cribbing about the traffic, and well ofcourse the monday blues. After a lovely cozy weekend, monday does seem difficult specially with a weekend that has just gone by. The rains paid a long visit, making us not want to leave the comfort of our houses. Just amidst all the laziness that persisted..a thought came in that i should write something..! Bas, phir kya tha..All i wanted was, my window, coffee, marie vita, my diary and pen. I love that feeling. Where once the pen starts flow of thoughts just finds its way..without even stoping for a bit to elaborate that thought. Har Din, Har Pal, Hamare zehen mein dher saare khayal aate hai..kuch acche..kuch bure..Aur kuch khayal aise joh hamein itne zyaada dilchasp lagte hai ki woh mehez ek khayal bankar nahin rehte..! Bas Aaj joh main yeh likh rahi hoon..likhna shuru kiya hai..woh isi ek chote se khayal ka natija hai.! After all thats exactly why its said, "Sometimes its just the thought that matters" So here i am..with an inspiration from my Blog! To express express my thoughts..and to keep in touch with my hobby of writing.. This is me..ChotuMissMuffet..Chotu, a simple girl..with big dreams..with a big heart..with lots of love within..Hoping this shall continue in the long run too! Hoping to have a great week ahead..with the start being good in a way :)


  1. welcome to the blogging world :D

    - dip ( @sangriafied on twitter )

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging. But keep it simple silly...