Thursday, August 25, 2011

A world where both exist!

The famous adage goes, “Behind every successful man is a woman.” We've all grown up on this and many more such adages. Over the years, we've been hearing things like men are the superior ones and stories of the kind. With time passing, this has led to us forming innumerable pre-conceived notions and stereotypes about each other. Though the scenario appears to change in recent times, we still seem to have a long way before we shed our inhibitions and stereotypes and accept this change.

Despite the speedy development, we still believe in what we call “ The battle of the sexes” as oppose to doing something which is fair and justified. All this, as a result of type-casting. Women are weak, men are disloyal and more of these is what we've been made to believe. Women are emotional, but being emotional is not parallel to being weak. Emotions could perhaps turn out to be one's greatest strength. Also, it needs immense vigor to accept being emotional as a part of one's individuality. Few men could be unfaithful but again, that's not a reason enough to typecast them all as bad. This leads to nothing but the formation of uncanny prejudices. And drawing baseless conclusions on the basis of these prejudices is highly unreal. The point that I'm trying to make is that being a woman, I respect our kind, and I'm proud to be one. But I wouldn't be a standard feminist and support something which I know is wrong. Womanhood and feminism are two really strong words, really different from each other. Guess it's time.. we think rational. And it's time we think first as a human and then as a man or woman.

Times have changed for sure, but have we changed as much? Though we do hold big claims,somewhere the level of thinking doesn't seem to rise and stereotypes seep in. What we think, moulds us into who we are. Let us come to accepting the fact that both men and women need each other equally and are equally significant to each other's existence. Climactically, the two need to, hand-in-hand cover a journey called 'Life' and yes I mean this literally :-) :-)

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  1. You made your stand clear. Nice write and justification :)

  2. Nice one.. Especially the message that you convey, many need to know...

  3. oh i loved this post so much...ur each n every point teach us something ..n the best one which we all should understand is - the two need to hand-in-hand cover a journey called 'Life'

  4. Success is over rated; Relationships are over rated too.. but that Innate Need to be loved is always there...:)

  5. @mohit shroff @Fashion Paradise :-) Thanks a tonne!

    @Miracle :-)