Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The race for one's alma mater perhaps, future alma matter

          You wish to lose weight? Or perhaps wish to waste your time because ur doing nothing? Then you should probably appeal to the Government or these colleges..to have some admission procedure each day! Yes. It indeed was a rather eventful tuesday. I remember the time when i had to take admission in college after my SSC board examination. And it was rather a simple procedure. Now it seems to be Rocket Science, more so because of the 'online admissions'. No body has any idea as to what's happening. May be they should try switching to IDEA! Okay now dont kill me for that lamest joke. But seriously, how complicated has this become. The students have to bear the consequences, and also the parents. And apparently it looks like people who score less than 80 or 85% dont deserve to go to college.
        The brother just gave his SSC this year. Scored pretty decent 88%, to be precise 87.82%. Yet a whole lot of complications, though pretty less than what few others had to face. Due to some problem in his name in the list, had to go to the Government office at charni road, Bal Bhavan. And what i see there was so many parents coming with so many queries. Forget Parents, I see a grandfather coming there whose grandson's name didnt come in the list in any of the top colleges inspite of him scoring a great total of 502 out of 550. Yes! Later i come accross a girl, who scored 76%, got admission in some combined school/college at Saki Naka, in a slum area..where the college had hardly anything else than the roof. All of us, waiting for that Government Authority to come, to solve these problems. He comes. He enters office at 12 noon, when the admissions start at 10 am in various colleges.

        Where are we heading? Where is our education system heading? Now the students are studying, only to get good colleges, only to further on get good jobs. Where is the development of their personality happening? Where is the overall development of the child happening? This is nothing else but a race. A race to get a good college..to get a good job. Also how much more?? If even a percentile of 85 seems less? Is what u see on paper good enough a criteria for a good college, or perhaps a good job. Well if it is that way then..this is highly disappointing. This might be depressing to students who are not excellent in the academics, specially if they get colleges like these. I did feel bad having come across things like these.

    Though Thankfully..the brother did get his admission at KC college. So the day has been full of running around here and there. From going to various colleges, to going to school to arranging various documents. And then rushing back to office. Each day here is a struggle, though the quantity of struggle keeps changing each day. And now one more struggle i have lying ahead..THE GYM!

Khair..chalo..yeh sab chalta hi rahega..Aap bas kisi na kisi bahane se muskura diya karo..hum bhi muskuraenge :) :) Bahut zyaada chapad chapad ho gaya nai? Much love :)



  1. Nice Blog..!! Our education system will never change yaar..U know Mr. Kabil Sibbal has also announced that engineering seats will be increased till 10 Lakh!! yes! Imagine with this increase in seats how much unemployement would increase..vaise i hv also started writing blog..so i thought to comment on ur post...i hope u dont mind!! :)

  2. Good One Yar sachhiee Mucchiiee whatever you write is just so True

  3. haha all's well that ends well :)

  4. @Amit Sinha Ya! Dats perhaps what i mean!

    @Somil @dip :-)